Pan Tilt Head: Daiwa APT-3DCP2-B


More detailed information about this pan tilt head can be found at: ESI Inc.

Pan Rotation: 260 degrees
Tilt Angle:        + or – 45 degrees
Torque-Tilt:      8.66 lb/inch
Capacity:         6.0 lbs.
Voltage:           12 V DC
Amperes:         Pan & Tilt = max. 270 mA.
Potentiometer: Pan & Tilt = 10 KΩ,
Pan Speed:     15 degrees per second,
Tilt Speed:       15 degrees per second

The head is specified for operation at 12VDC, but it also works just fine at 9VDC.
The low current consumption and the low DC voltage allow mobile/portable applications.