Labview & Arduino communication via wireless network

The wireless communication via Xbee between a moving 6 wheel robot controlled by an Arduino and a desktop computer with Labview will become very slow as soon as a  wireless network with an IP camera is added. This becomes an issue when steering the robot in real time. Therefore Labview & Arduino communication via ethernet is desired.

As many posts in several forums already stated the LabVIEW Interface for Arduino Toolkit is not setup to support communication via ethernet. It only supports serial communication via Xbee or USB.
The problem can be solved by using a wireless USB sharing station as part of an existing wireless network.
The setup and configuration I used are described below.

Desktop PC:
Windows 7, Netgear WNA3100 N300 Wireless USB Adapter, Labview student edition 2011 installed, Arduino software incl. driver installed.

Wireless Network: Router Linksys WRT54GL, IOGEAR Wirless 4-Port USB Sharing Station GUWIP204

1. Upload the LIFA to the Arduino while it is connected via USB cable to one of the  computers USB ports. I am using an Arduino UNO.
2. Setup your wireless network, if not already done.
3. Install the USB Sharing station as described in the manufacturer’s setup instructions.
Use the Arduino as USB device and connect the Arduino’s USB port to one of the USB
ports of the USB Sharing Station.
4. Open the IOGEAR Wireless USB Sharing Station software.
The IOGEAR software will recognize the Arduino.

IOGEAR setup1a

5. After installation, the Arduino has to be connected manually, using the IOGEAR software.

IOGEAR setup2a6. Check in the Windows device manager which port has been assigned to the Arduino.
in this example COM Port 6 is used for the Arduino Uno.

wireless network_a7. Update the Labiew vi and set to the correct USB port and speed.
Run your vi, application,….

labview config_a

More to come!!