Controlling a pan & tilt head with Arduino, L293D Dual H-Bridge and TV IR remote control

An Arduino with L293D dual h-bridge and a TV IR remote control are driving a pan tilt head with video camera.

The schematic of this PCB is based on the Arduino Duemilanove PCB with 5V voltage regulator, serial interface and ISP interface to program the bootloader.
In addition it includes the circuitry needed to control a video camera via LANC, as well as two motor controller L293D and an IR receiver. The first L293D is configured to drive two DC motors, in this case the pan and tilt motors of the DAIWA pan tilt head that has been described in a previous post. The second motor controller is configured to drive a stepper motor. There is also a breadboard area on the PCB for modifications and extensions.





Setup & Operation:
After the controller is turned on the pan tilt head moves during boot up into a horizontal position. The LEDS will light up to indicate when the setup is completed. They will also show if the 25 pin cable is connected correctly or not, in this case the setup will stop and only continue once the error has been corrected.
Two analog input pins of the Arduino are reading the voltages from two potentiometers in the DAIWA head. This allows to control the actual position of the head, avoiding damage to the motors and gears by stopping the movement before the end positions are reached.
One LED will also start blinking if the battery voltage drops below 8.2 Volt.

Problems encountered:
Running the motor controller for the pan tilt head via IR without the program part/code for the LANC works fine. The LANC commands are also executed without problems as long as the serial connection is used and the IR library is not implemented, but integrating the code for both applications and driving the head and the camera together via IR does currently not work.

Here is the code for the IR remote control of the pan tilt head: L293D-IR


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